Meet Your Designer



The Ivory Slate began as a hobby, or perhaps more of a decorating obsession. I’ve always been fascinated with interior design and the affect it has on my mood, my memory creation and an interior’s ability to inspire. After a ten year career in corporate sales and project management, I decided life is too short not to follow one’s passions. You will find me to be straight forward, honest, and even more passionate about your home design than you are. I specialize in using a home’s existing personality and injecting your style (yes, you have style), cohesion and functionality. I value my honesty and integrity over all else and everything I do relies on these values.

I'm the mama of two complete CPs (cutie-patooties), Harrison and Leo. Another important member of our family is a kooky little fluffball cockapoo named Hux who loves socks almost as much as he loves us. You can usually find me at my home/office at the top of a hill in Hamilton, NY overlooking Colgate University and the gorgeous countryside it sits on. My husband, Dave, coaches basketball there, so please don’t make your decision to work with me based on my ranting and raving at his games. I promise I’m more composed in real life than that.