Sooo….What’s this going to cost me?

Living Room

A Designer’s Guide for Budgeting to Decorate Your Home

Before you buy anything, whether it’s a dog toy or a design consultation, people want to know: “What’s this going to cost me?”

While you could easily argue that the answer to that question is “the sky’s the limit,” I understand that most people don’t have Beyonce’s budget, and are typically looking for a range.

We steer our clients towards three ranges to help them come up with a budget we can work with:

#1: Minimum
This is the minimum budget we generally look for to start working on a space

#2: Standard
This is the average budget we work with and will allow us to create a magazine worthy space

#3: Premium
This budget will get you a truly luxurious and customized home

The main differences between these ranges are:

✓ Quantity - how much stuff you can afford for each space
✓ Quality - There’s a reason some fabrics cost $500/yard and some cost $4/yard
✓ Uniqueness - The more customized you’d like your home to be, the more expensive it becomes

This, of course, does not include the investment you may need to consider if you plan to make any structural changes. That’s a whole other can of worms!

For now, let’s assume there are no structural changes and you just want guidance on how much you should be spending for each room.

Let’s start with the most important room of the house: The Living Room!

The Living Room/Family Room

With regards to furnishing, the living room will most likely be the biggest investment you make in your home.

The reason for this is twofold.

For starters, the room is usually one of the larger spaces in the house so it simply requires more furniture.

Secondly, if you’re anything like the average American, you spend a LOT of time lounging in this space so it goes without saying that you want your living room to be comfortable which is accomplished most easily with high QUALITY pieces.

There will always be areas where you can skimp/save, but the living room furniture is not one of those places.

I always steer my clients towards custom sofas and chairs to ensure a comfortable seat for all members of your family and because a well-made piece will last forever.

When you’re ready to invite us into your home to update your living space, here is a guide to help you understand what it’s going to cost you, from a minimum budget all the way up to a high end budget….

Price Per Unit
ItemQuantityMinimum CostStandard CostHigh End Cost
Love Seat1--$2,500$4,000
Lounge/Club Chairs2$1,000$1,500$3,000
Coffee Table1$1,000$1,500$3,000
End Tables2$500$1,000$2,000
Sofa Console1--$1,500$3,000
Floor Lamp1--$1,000$2,000
Wall DécorNA$2,000$4,000$8,000
TOTAL $16,100$33,600$78,000

Dining Room

The dining space can take on so many different personalities and functions, depending on a family’s needs.

Whether you’re going for a space that is used for everyday casual dinners with your growing family, or for a more formal look during special occasions, a dining space generally needs the same components. Here’s a look at what it might cost you, according the 3 budgets I outlined above:

Price Per Unit
ItemQuantityMinimum CostStandard CostHigh End Cost
Dining Table1$1,500$2,000$5,000
Dining Chairs6$400$600$1,500
Wall DécorNA$1,000$2,500$5,000
TOTAL $10,600$19,100$51,000



Bedrooms are one of our favorite spaces to tackle.

Especially for busy families with young kids (and the storm of toys they generate), a bedroom can provide reprieve from the chaos.

Depending on the size of the bedroom, it always requires the basic bedroom fixtures, but sometimes we get to have fun with sitting areas, window seats or even a large walk-in closet, turned personal boutique. 😉

Here’s what you can expect to spend on a bedroom design:

Price Per Unit
ItemQuantityMinimum CostStandard CostHigh End Cost
Sconces/Table Lamps2$350$500$1,000
Wall Décor1$1,500$2,500$8,000
TOTAL $11,600$21,000$51,500

There you have it, folks! Of course, you can decorate your home for far less than these prices, but you may want to reconsider hiring a designer to help you with that as our design fees will eat into your budget. If you’re serious about hiring our creative and hard-working team to design a home you love, keep these ranges in mind. Our design fees can range depending on the scope of work, but for a project that includes decorating only (no structural changes), we generally charge between 20-25% of the total budget for our services.

Abby Klatsky