My design process always begins with an initial consultation. Some clients use the consultation as a starting point for a larger project, while others simply want me to come into their home for a 1-2 hours to give them reassurance  and confidence as they go on to tackle the project on their own.

During this consultation, I will provide just that. We will discuss all of your decorating dilemmas, and I will leave you better equipped to move forward with your project. If we are a good fit and you would like me to take the reigns from there, we will discuss your full-service design options. 

At the conclusion of our meeting, you will have:

✓ Specific guidance on furniture sizes needed

✓ An understanding of the best use of the space, and configuration of furniture, even in an oddly shaped room

✓ An understanding of the best color selections for your space, based on natural light, flow of house and of course, style

✓ Suggestions on how to tie the colors together with accessories

✓ The best options for window treatments for your space – no curtains do not always work, and yes there’s a correct way to hang curtains

✓ Direction on what styles you can incorporate into the furniture and elements you already own