Paint Consultation

If you’ve ever visited a paint shop and returned home with 30 different paint strips, you know how overwhelming paint selection can be.

Our systematic approach for pulling a color palette together for your home takes the guesswork out of the job and provides our clients with full confidence in their selection PRIOR to painting the color on the walls, ceiling, trim, and exterior of their home.

Our process does not involve:

  • Selecting a paint color from a small 2”x2” paint sample

  • Painting 10 different colors on your actual walls

  • Seeing a color in our friend’s home and using it for your house

  • Consulting Google to help us

  • Asking the painter to select them for us

We are experts in understanding:

  • Tricky undertones of neutrals like gray, beige, and white

  • How to pull multiple colors together in one space

  • How different light will affect each color

  • How and when to select color correctly the first time

  • What sheen to select for each space and material

  • Why flat white from a can is not a foolproof option

  • Why all whites, grays, and beiges are NOT all the same

  • How to use paint colors to compliment the rest of the colors in you home

  • How to select colors that compliment fixed elements in your home like granite, tile, cabinetry, etc.


Our goal is to relieve you of the stress of paint color selection and to leave you with a fresh, bright home you’re proud of.

If you’re ready to confidently select paint colors for your home, schedule a consultation here.

Consultations start at $250 for up to two hours.
During that time period, we are generally able to select all colors for the exterior of a home or 3-4 interior rooms. Subsequent hours are billed at our hourly rate of $110 per hour.