My Ten Step Process

Designing your home can be a very lengthy and tricky process if you don't have a plan. I use a systematic approach to see your project through to the end and to avoid as many pitfalls as we can. No project will ever come without its challenges, but you can rest assure that I will handle any bumps along the road, big or small. 


Step 1: Consultation

When you schedule a consultation appointment, I will ask a few questions so I can begin to understand your style, goals, and needs. Then, we will meet to view your space. During this meeting we will lay out a budget and begin discussing some ideas for the space.

Step 2: Collection Day

I spend the time needed to collect measurements and photograph all the nooks and crannies of your home. I spend time taking in the room(s) and envisioning the best use of space, color and allowing some time to really stir up some creative juices.

Step 3: Ideation & Creation

During this phase, I come up with a design scheme, including minor structural changes, color selections, furniture style, artwork, fabric, and any necessary lighting selections. I compose a well-thought-out inspiration board for your viewing and approval and make any revisions you see fit.

Step 4: Checklist Day

This is when I ensure all components are accounted for. I go through your home to take any final measurements and to meet with all parties involved. Anyone who is needed to complete the project including electricians, painters, plumbers, contractors and handymen will be on site ready to take their own measurements and begin setting quotes for the requested work.

Step 5: Estimates, Approvals & Placement of Orders

Presentation of estimates from all tradespeople, furnishings, artwork, and other materials. Once approved by you, I collect necessary deposits and ordering of materials ensues.

Step 6: Budget Reviews

Just a quick check in to review the very important budget!

Step 7: Renovations

Begin any minor renovations and cosmetic improvements needed to move forward with project. This may include built in bookcases, crown moldings, a barn door, wallpaper removal & painting, lighting installation, retiling of floor, fireplace or backsplash, or any other minor structural changes we dream up during the design process.

Step 8: Install Day

This is where it all comes to life! Most materials will have been received by our holding facility and ready for installation. I will have a full day in your home of furniture placement, window treatment installation, artwork installation and the like. I will likely have photographs taken at the completion of the installations. You are free to take a spa day or do whatever you’d like! When you arrive home, your mind will be blown.

Step 9: Walk Through & Deficiencies Resolution

We will take some time to walk through the space and fully review all changes made. If there are any issues with the items, I will work to solve those issues in a timely fashion. No project is without its flaws, but you can relax and know I will make it right.

Step 10: Final Meeting

Once you are fully happy with the space, I will present you with your client binder detailing all components of your project. This will include paint colors, warranties of any items, contact info for all the tradesmen who completed a job, before and after pictures, and your inspiration board from which we started.